Welcome to Azura Writes !

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

This blog is for poems, quotes, short stories, etc which I want to share with you dear readers.

Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them !

Latest from the Blog

Love is Endless

Started my college, To gain knowledge. Saw her standing there, Without a care. Standing with the other students face with awe, As if everything was new for the first time she saw. Eyes with specks, thin was her frame, Oh fate ! what was this love game. Days passed by I started speaking to her,Continue reading “Love is Endless”

You Are My Master

You took me in, When I was left in the bin. My parents unknown, No name of my own. You took me to your home, Which was a big wide dome. You cleaned me, you fed me, You gave me the name ‘bee’. You didnt let me go, Even when your father said no. HeContinue reading “You Are My Master”

Mother Nature

We are given birth here, Where she nurtures us, She takes care of us like a mother, Our lifes are comfortable thus. But what is given can also be taken, The pollution that we spread with no care, Suffocates her everyday, Ever does she nothing but bear. She creates creatures both great and small, SheContinue reading “Mother Nature”


Watching everyday, They begin to become thin, Loosing all muscle, Thinking about all their sin. They start praying to the all mighty, To forgive them for what they did in the past, Admitted in hospital, Counting days to the last. We see them each day as they look out the window, Waiting for that dayContinue reading “Death”

The Ideal Guy

The one who loves me as I am, Who considers me not a girlfriend but fam. The one who messages me sweet links, Where we can put two straws in a glass and have nice chilled drinks. The one who gives me his jacket to make me warm, Save me from those days in whichContinue reading “The Ideal Guy”


Broken am I into peices, Shedding tears till I can no more, Fallen into that cage again, Cracked heart to the core. My heart bleeds for him, His warm precious love, That smile, those eyes, Oh ! How I miss my white dove. But this is not the end , As I was caged byContinue reading “Breakup”


Everything is closed, Shutters down, no one around, All those busy streets with many noises, Now not a sound. But thats not only the sad picture, There is also another side, Many rules, many regulations, That we must abide. Work from home, work for home, Stay home, stay safe, they say, But full day watchingContinue reading “Lockdown”

The Evil Inside Us

When you are born you dont know no evil, You are just an angel who is sent down to earth, Purest form of human, After your earthly birth, Then comes your family who keep you safe and sound, They protect you from evil, Thats been going around, But then comes the time when you acceptContinue reading “The Evil Inside Us”

A Rainy Day

She sat there in heavy rain, Broken with all her pain, Crying with red eyes, Cursing the heavenly skies, All people passed by her, No one seems to give a care, “Getting wet in the rain is stupid” they said As she sat there drenched till hair, But he seen her there, And seems heContinue reading “A Rainy Day”

I Am Crazy

If I want to do anything apart from the crowd, I am crazy, If I want to be a writer, dancer, painter, singer, I am crazy, If I want to be a doctor, engineer,lawyer, manager, I am not crazy, Who are these people to judge our level of craze, Always makes me be amazed, IsntContinue reading “I Am Crazy”

She Belived She Could Fly

She believed she could fly, She believed she could dream, She belived she could catch those, High up above eagle screams, She believed in herself, She belived in her hands, “Lets fly” , she said to herself, Moving to other lands, Her eyes met the sky, Gleaming with fire, “Another safe journey”, she wispered, AsContinue reading “She Belived She Could Fly”

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